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Experiencing the impact

The last couple of weeks have been special for me. Since the launch of my new design, my visitor rates have tripled. My bandwidth goes skyhigh, and my name and articles are spread all over the place. Luckily my server is holding up great. Now, seeing all those people coming by, reading my articles, I question myself. What would you like to see at this site, in terms of articles? More design-related? More semantics? More interface design? Tell me. It might spark me.

Oh, and thanks to 456 Berea Street, Milo V., Jina, Das Netzbuch, Richard@Home, CSS Help Pile, Yojih, Marko and the many others who linked to my Scrolling Drop Shadows article. You were the key to the success, and to the thousand-something visitors over the last couple of days :P

Scrolling Drop Shadows

You may have seen it here. You may have tried to view his CSS. It’s hidden. But totally apart from that site, I created my own equivalent, undoubtedly practically with the same approach. I’ll tell you how.

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