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New things

My favourite season is the cold season. The time of the year when it’s cold outside and the sun is harsh on its subjects. I like the current season in particular because I have two things to announce.

First of all, I am now web designer at a lovely company called Floorplanner, the perfect online combination of AutoCAD and The Sims. Together with el Capitan I give a sensible shape to things current and upcoming. It’s a pretty smashing job, I’d say, and I am lucky enough to get the chance to do it next to my education at the Royal Academy of Art. So, good news for me there!

Good news for you is the second feature of this fabulous post. I hereby officially declare rbmntjs open for business. “Business” here means “photoblog”. Photos! Really big photos! Updated more often than this here blog. I hope you’ll all take a peek and maybe check it out every now and then. I’m really happy with it.

Smashing Bupkis

  • My old-time readers (hello, how have you been, care for a drink) may recall an article I wrote about something I called Scrolling Drop Shadows. The only real complaint I got was that it didn’t work in IE (”duh”), but after a whopping 28 months, even IE can be fed with the sexy shadows. Kudos to Stefan for tackling it using just (slightly treif) CSS.
  • For those of you who haven’t yet, go read Isaac Asimov’s The Last Question. It deals with entropy and AI and the limits of the philosophy behind all of that. Surprise ending as well; an obligatory read.
  • Several things are brooding, and among the several are my birthday (Thursday, everybody; don’t send cake if you live more than a day away!) and something with music (hm, where to look for music, things with music, musical tastes; I wonder). I might release an EP of it, if my friends like it enough. (Whack me in the head if I fail to keep you updated.)
  • As always, I made some slight modifications to the stylesheets that keep this site together. I think it would be cool if we could democratise this process a little, though. So hereby I state: if you have any suggestions that could improve this site—readability, usability, layout, anything—do tell me. The comment field is fine (I have no ego issues), but the more discreet among you may contact me personally. It’s okay. I won’t tell anyone.1
  1. Though maybe it is time for, I dunno, Zooiblog Readers Anonymous. Those’ll be lonely meetings.

Home with the girls in the morning

This weblog is as eventful as a tanning bed salon during a heatwave, but that won’t stop me from updating it every once in a while! I’ll start off with pointing at super hero artist illustrator Ray Frenden. He started the webcomic with probably the best name on the block: Voorhees a Jolly Good Fellow. I like it a lot!

I tweaked this site a little, too. I added a voting box to the bottom of the page. If you happen to like this photo of my cousin and his lovely daughter enough for it to be published, please vote for it. There will be a voting link at the bottom of this site every time I consider that necessary. I also updated my hCard to actually look somewhat good. Visit my about-page for that.

Lastly, some work I did should be launching this week. I’ve been playing with the cool kids of iusethis and there’s a pretty cool application coming up (and here it is!) that will complement the site perfectly. I designed the icon and am finishing the DMG design. For those of you who actually read my blog, here’s a preview of the icon.

A toolbox for iusethis