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New things

My favourite season is the cold season. The time of the year when it’s cold outside and the sun is harsh on its subjects. I like the current season in particular because I have two things to announce.

First of all, I am now web designer at a lovely company called Floorplanner, the perfect online combination of AutoCAD and The Sims. Together with el Capitan I give a sensible shape to things current and upcoming. It’s a pretty smashing job, I’d say, and I am lucky enough to get the chance to do it next to my education at the Royal Academy of Art. So, good news for me there!

Good news for you is the second feature of this fabulous post. I hereby officially declare rbmntjs open for business. “Business” here means “photoblog”. Photos! Really big photos! Updated more often than this here blog. I hope you’ll all take a peek and maybe check it out every now and then. I’m really happy with it.

(Not A) Retrospective

Like so many people, I could go on and on about what has happened to me in the past year. My successes (plenty, of course), my failures (o so few, natch) and my other assorted activities. But no one cares and no one should. Even worse: resolutions. Just do it. Don’t use a change of yeary digits as an excuse. Just make change happen.

So how was 2007 for your author? Quite dandy, thanks. I would much rather point you to ongoing things instead of talking about what has ended. For example, a maecenate-ish photography project, my frequently-updated photo stream on Flickr or perhaps this thing I’m attending.

YMMV. Happy New Year and good luck doing stuff or something.


A collection of things that are on my mind.

Intangible yet “true”?

What is it with the sub- or unconscious that makes people so divided? Not that Freud and Jung were trying to polarise with their publications, but it’s a pretty basic premise: either it is of importance, or it isn’t. A halfway solution is unknown to me, not because I am dense but because it is a fundament for those who say it is. I am sure there has to be some way to put things to words in a way that is relatively neutral, implied or not.

On Tolerance

Just say no.

The trained mind

When I was walking through the rain a few weeks ago, I spotted an amazing sight. When I turned my path into the setting sun, the streets reflected the sky so brightly. The tragedy in this was, as I was walking there, I couldn’t help but shake off the ideas I had to “use” it: to make it a video, photograph it, draw it, think up a soundtrack for it.

Adjust, always. Then, relax

I have a typewriter. It makes you deal differently with language. I am considering writing poetry and a short story with it, for that very reason. I recommend that you try out stuff in a slightly different way to see how it can change stuff. Even writing with a thicker or thinner pen will do that.