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Internal quarrels, pt. 1

— “Hey, did you see that guy?”
“Which one?”
— “The one crossing the road, with the much shorter girl. The one with the iPod earbuds.”
“Um, yeah. What up with him?”
— “Don’t you think that’s kinda rude?”
“How d’you mean?”
— “You know, just… listening to music while talking to someone.”
“I can’t see why that’s an issue to you, Rob.”
— “Look, Other Me, it’s fairly damn simple. It’s just not decent to have earbuds in while talking.”
“Maybe they just met up? Maybe he was in the process of removing them to focus on the conversation instead.”
— “Didn’t look like it, methinks!”
“Admit it, Rob, it makes sense.”
— “It makes sense.”
“Well, there you go.”
— “…”
— “What iPod you reckon he has? I’m betting it’s a nano, the first gen.”
“Acts like a Windows user though.”
— “… You mean, in terms of behaviour? Are you saying my theory—”
“Let go alright!”

‘You’re popular?’

No, no rant today. Just a funny sign of the times. Last week at school, I was talking to someone about this design thing I do, and I laughed a little when I saw that her working partner (they were working on a computer, but she let the other girl do all the “working”) was browsing Hyves.nl. The second girl overheard the conversation and picked up that I had a “popular website” (it’s what the first girl assumed), so naturally she asked me where to find it.

You can imagine the horror, despair and fright when she typed my name into the Hyves search box and, as expected, failed to find me. I did tell her to “Google my name”, but oh well. The web is as small as you make it.


I’ve been told Dean likes Brad Pitt. That’s okay though. He’s a good guy overall. I also said hi to someone I knew I’d seen before or at least had heard about in some way. Hiram, we should discuss this poetry thing one day.

Oh, and just for the record, I also enjoyed the presence and talk of Maarten, Marten, Sander, Jan Willem, Kees, Alexandra, Anne and Mark. Of course I did. We should do this more often.