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Hello to Miles

Pete’s a father now to a son named Miles. Go and have a look. He’s damned cute. Go congratulate Pete and his wife.

Thanks and also this

Thanks all for liking my redesign (or most of you). I might create a CafePress shop if there are like, at least errr… three people or something wanting an object with the logo on it. Lemme know. They have like anything.

Now, something we will all appreciate as well: Anatoly finally launched his English weblog called Fecklessmind. I dig.

Update: There now is a CafePress shop where you all can buy stuff. Any product requests? In the comments, please.

Late but still

I know I’m late with this, but I have an explanation. I didn’t get Rob’s site the first time I saw it. It took me a comment and a reply to get there. You kick arse, Rob. Read his redesign post for all the info.