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A collection of things that are on my mind.

Intangible yet “true”?

What is it with the sub- or unconscious that makes people so divided? Not that Freud and Jung were trying to polarise with their publications, but it’s a pretty basic premise: either it is of importance, or it isn’t. A halfway solution is unknown to me, not because I am dense but because it is a fundament for those who say it is. I am sure there has to be some way to put things to words in a way that is relatively neutral, implied or not.

On Tolerance

Just say no.

The trained mind

When I was walking through the rain a few weeks ago, I spotted an amazing sight. When I turned my path into the setting sun, the streets reflected the sky so brightly. The tragedy in this was, as I was walking there, I couldn’t help but shake off the ideas I had to “use” it: to make it a video, photograph it, draw it, think up a soundtrack for it.

Adjust, always. Then, relax

I have a typewriter. It makes you deal differently with language. I am considering writing poetry and a short story with it, for that very reason. I recommend that you try out stuff in a slightly different way to see how it can change stuff. Even writing with a thicker or thinner pen will do that.

Gathered thoughts

Putting an end to a long day of work, practice and more work, I write this, considering the wordings, mulling over every comma and, more so, every full stop. I feel like I haven’t written a single word in at least a year, but that is sheer delusion. It has been only slightly more than two months since I worked on what I considered to be among the most important things in my life. It is surprising, then, to see how little it has done to my mood, to my feeling of it all, to my opinion about school in general. My final exams were not particularly difficult, but considering that I only needed to get that official document – the art academy was, after all, nailed –, maybe my high regards for it had dropped a fair bit. The many words I wrote for Dutch, History and I don’t know what more, they feel ancient; as from a past I’m barely connected to, yet it’s only been slightly more than two months.

So rumour has it that I’m moving out pretty soon, and rumour has it right. It shall be the first time I will live in a city, yet it feels like barely a tiniest of shifts in my daily life. There are many clear problems that I haven’t yet figured out the solution to, and of course I will when it’s due, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I would ask for tips, but I don’t have a clue what could possibly be said in words that I cannot figure out by doing. This might become the forte of my upcoming education, hard work and long days of that, proper labour and enforced insight, consideration second to execution. This is what education should be about – aside from maybe the long days, if we’re talking compulsory education and children – and I think that’s where it’s headed for many people. There is something, at least to me, extremely gratifying about working hard, receiving sensible feedback and making it even better than it was. Day in day out. Piece by piece. Not only will you slowly build up a layer of checking yourself, you will actually know what is considered effective and what isn’t. Some say it’s institutionalisation, I say it gives you both sides of the razor-sharp sword of opinion: just decide what you choose in the end. If it works, it works, and that’s more important than anything.

Taking a two-hour break from work might sound like a long time to most people, until they realise that, yeah, it’s half past twelve right now. Between the buzzing of the mosquitoes I will tend to soon and the kind voices of Erlend and Eirik, I’m still considering wordings, commas, full stops. I’m still considering systems, bad dreams, even purpose.

That’s scary, huh. I’m convinced a fair selection of my readers (which, these days, means about two people) know of philosophy, maybe even my own philosophies, and they will realise that “purpose” is not something I talk about a lot as something that directly affects my on-goings. None of the fatalist causality concepts that might pop up in your brain, friends. I’m talking usefulness. Stuff that is supposed to make sense once you get to the core of it. I wish I could put it more directly, but alas, that is not my strength in writing. Bear with me and my tangents. One day, I’ll make it all look good and work out fine. One day.

Dress to distress

The hallmark of being a proper, accepted businessman: the suit! Find a tie that matches your hair, or your glasses, or maybe that awful glaze that I see in your hair every time you’re dressed to impress some executive! The tie, hallmark of a generation? Of a working class beyond the dirty hands (the hands get dirty in any class, but this time I mean literal dirt)? Of distinction beyond sensibility? You are what you wear. The clothes make the man.

Stop being a friggin’ frigtard (frigtard)

A business that requires me to wear a certain kind of suit may just not be the place where I would like to work. I’m all for come-as-you-are attitudes, because, hey, you’re hiring people. Let’s put that in context. (Note that this does not apply to businesses where wearing a uniform makes plenty of sense, like when you’re safer by wearing it.)

The concept of uniforms, a set of clothing agreed upon by some one person, that is uniformly worn either and/or both on the business premises and/or when promoting the business. The concept that all Employees shall be treated Equal (”more caps please, this is supposed to make sense to your management!”), because they wear the same, so the focus can be on just the person instead of whether he really likes them Nikes or maybe favours a rather putrid shade of a reddish magenta.

It is by definition folly. The people that fill your desks, take your money and make your business are people. Unique people with unique traits. Now, unless you have a headless baboon going through the applications, interviewing them and appreciating their knowledge of the banana, you’ll actually work with people with traits you chose. You don’t empower uniqueness by trying to block all of the factors that are Irrelevant or Non-Enterprise or Social. You empower it by letting people be people. Feeling comfortable is a very good state to be in if you want to have productive people, doing what they do best. If they don’t like suits, don’t let them wear them, no matter how superficial their reasons may be. You hired a person, not a skill (as nice as the latter could be).

I really like suits. I also like jeans. And t-shirts. And ties. Man, do I love my ties. I even have a tie with Daffy Duck on it. It’s hideous. Let me wear it. I’m just me.

Tie fanaticism aside

Who are you kidding if you say that suits make people more Equal? I wouldn’t bet against that statement, but, okay, who are you kidding saying that that’s a result you really want? Diversity, when mixed well, can make the difference between failure and success. Steve Jobs calls it culture.

To the suit slaves among you, my readers!: wear a silly tie, a new one every day. Try a hideous bow-tie for once. No man is complete without a top hat. Dress to distress. It’s still a suit, right?