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Overthrow, anyone?

There was no: rioting, raiding of the Tweede Kamer, protesting against the current government, outrage in the media, rebellion among workers in any sector at all, cry for revision. None of that.

What there was? Barely any reaction to the actions of my government. What they did? They passed a new law regarding sexual harassment that basically turns the legal world upside down: now someone accused of having conducted some form of sexual harassment is guilty until proven otherwise. I’m not sure how this will work out in even the most basic of cases; “He touched me tits, y’rhonour.” “I didn’t, ye liar!”

I’m not the most eloquent person to be worried about this. I know someone who most certainly is, but he exchanged his soul for haiku. Anyone know more or better about this whole silly-law-passing action?

Writing good comments

You wonder just what calls out the ire in persons when they leave a comment that feels rather hypocritical. In case you’re wondering, it was left on my practise-related post, hence the truly evident stab. Too bad it was a bad stab. Have a look yourself, it’s not too long a read:

practise writing english

I decided to delete it as spam, but now I think that’s too bad, as it made me laugh a little. Let’s dissect.

  1. A proper sentence should start with a capital, bar a few exceptions. A very few.
  2. A proper sentence is supposed to end with punctuation. In this case, I see only a few possibilities that could work: “!”, “.” and “…”.
  3. English is a language: it must be capitalised (I’m not using “should” here, as people tend to then think they’re free to do whatever they please).
  4. It’s an attack. Few will argue that this is meant as a friendly constructive remark regarding my writing skills1.

Some tips for those to comment: don’t attack without sound arguments; don’t tell me what to do; don’t be stupid. Hey! That’s a pretty easy list to remember!

On this topic, by the way: if you spot mistakes in my English—it happens to the best of us, and to me a little bit more often—, just tell me about it via e-mail, IM or even in the comments. As long as it’s constructive, I don’t see any problem with it. We’re here to learn, right?

  1. I know this doesn’t say anything about the form of the comment, only about the contents, but I consider it worth noting.

‘You’re popular?’

No, no rant today. Just a funny sign of the times. Last week at school, I was talking to someone about this design thing I do, and I laughed a little when I saw that her working partner (they were working on a computer, but she let the other girl do all the “working”) was browsing Hyves.nl. The second girl overheard the conversation and picked up that I had a “popular website” (it’s what the first girl assumed), so naturally she asked me where to find it.

You can imagine the horror, despair and fright when she typed my name into the Hyves search box and, as expected, failed to find me. I did tell her to “Google my name”, but oh well. The web is as small as you make it.