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On spelling

Normally it’s best to let minor irks slide along and give people a chance to make profound asses of themselves, but sometimes it’s like gastric acid, working its way up to your tongue. Such is nearly the case with the confusion about the proper spelling of those nifty little black fucking medical books sketchbooks.

I cannot help but think of this when you talk about your sketches (and dare blame me!). I suppose windproof materials are hard to draw on with a pencil. Anyone with Wikipedia angst would completely miss this gem:

A moleskin is also, allegedly, a pink (flesh coloured) piece of covering for the genital area of a female. The name derives from the shape of the covering. Such were often used by moviemakers in Hollywood. The most famous incident involving a moleskin, was when Janet Leigh lost hers during the shower scene of Psycho. Not thrown at all, she merely remarked that no-one (meaning the staff present) was seeing anything they had not seen before.

Instead, I suspect that you’re talking about those nifty little black sketchbooks.

A Modo & Modo Moleskine, black sketchbook. A red pencil lies on top of it.

My small Moleskine, a present from Hanni

So to recap: the extra ‘e’ changes a piece of cloth/an object to obscure your dingdong into a versatile sketchbook from Italy! Oh, miraculous!

Overthrow, anyone?

There was no: rioting, raiding of the Tweede Kamer, protesting against the current government, outrage in the media, rebellion among workers in any sector at all, cry for revision. None of that.

What there was? Barely any reaction to the actions of my government. What they did? They passed a new law regarding sexual harassment that basically turns the legal world upside down: now someone accused of having conducted some form of sexual harassment is guilty until proven otherwise. I’m not sure how this will work out in even the most basic of cases; “He touched me tits, y’rhonour.” “I didn’t, ye liar!”

I’m not the most eloquent person to be worried about this. I know someone who most certainly is, but he exchanged his soul for haiku. Anyone know more or better about this whole silly-law-passing action?

American… oh

Over here in the Netherlands, the football (American English: soccer) scene is a scene of big money. Every self-respecting commercial broadcaster wants a slice of the big footy pie. With massive advertisement revenues (for Dutch standards, at least) and many many viewers each game, they have all reason to. There actually is a channel dedicated to just the Dutch competition (again, quite special for Dutch standards), Tele2 (yes, the phone company). The well-known France-based Canal Plus had a Dutch version, was then acquired and now has two channels. Film 1 and Sport 1. Well, technically, it’s three. Film 1 1, Film 1 2 and Sport 1. Smart.

That’s not what really annoyed me about the football-licensing craze. What did was the name they (yet another channel I forgot the name of) had exerted for an hour and a half of the best of the United Kingdom’s footy: UK Soccer. Let’s just remind people of the fact that football is English. The Brits play football. Americans play soccer.

Or, oh wait, I’m so wrong. I’m pretty sure the programme with the latest footy stuff from the US would be called… oh, yes. American Football.