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About me

Hello. I’m guessing you’re looking for more information about me and/or my website. This is what you’ve been looking for. Enjoy your stay.

About me

Rob Mientjes
+316 50 9696 52

Hello there. My name is Rob Mientjes. I am a designer, writer, thinker, artist, drinker and web developer with many passions, including music, films and photography. I am a student at the Royal Academy of Art. I was born on the 15th of March and I live in The Hague. I love to read, which shouldn’t be underestimated. Cultural expansion is good. I devour books, really, watch lots of good films and listen to lots of music. My Last.fm account tells you more about my taste in music (though I think my record player needs a Last.fm client).

This blog is mainly about design, observation, code and sometimes my personal life. Don’t put your hopes on anything though. It may suck at times. I’m known to over-exaggerate. My style of fiction is easily recognised, if you’re unsure about the truth contained by my words.

About the Zooiblog

The Zooiblog was inititiated one fine day in May 2004, and was originally written in Dutch. After some time, I wanted to reach a larger public, so I started posting in English. It’s powered by WordPress but I don’t really feel like going into that. It works and that is what matters the most.

Any inquiries on the name of this site (pronunciation and meaning) should be sent to my address.

It ended on February the eighth of 2009.


Painfully conceived, birthed, created, built, hacked, coded, morphed, beaten into submission by myself.


In April 2006, I was interviewed by Marko of Mcville. This seems to be about me, mostly, which is nice.

Contact information

If you have any zany, whacky, crazy, silly or just normal questions after having read this all, I encourage you to contact me. Here are some means to do so.

  • robmientjes [at] gmail [dot] com – I check this often!
  • RobMientjes – my AIM screen name, if you’d like that.

Of course, you may always buy me something off of my wishlist. I will thank you with much love, and maybe publicly if it doesn’t look rather too embarrassing.