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Intermissum est spectaculum

“Interim iugulentur homines, ne nihil agatur.”

I should be honest with myself here. I don’t really care much anymore about this site. It’s too bad. I have some funny stories on here, and people still visit it, according to statistics I don’t even want to know how they are gathered. I don’t really feel like ranting about web standards or design anymore. Sure, this thing is still a soapbox. Still my pedestal. I got it years ago, and it’s still clearly recognisable as a pedestal, but I don’t feel any performance urge anymore.

Not that the artist has died, or that the audience left. Just that the podium doesn’t feel right for me anymore. I started this blog exactly to rant about things, mainly design and standards, and, well, it did get me places. And thanks to all of you who made that possible. I did get places, absolutely. How much use is a soapbox labelled “ranting” worth, however, when you don’t rant anymore? When all you do is tell people long-winded short stories? I guess that doesn’t matter. I feel less at home here than I used to.

For the sake of clause completeness, I will not say I’m killing this site or leaving it behind forever. I might return, but I shall not bear the green robe that has graced this web presence for so long now, or the orange and the grunge before it. When I return, I will return with different intentions and a different face. For further reading, I refer you to my other faces: my twice-a-week photoblog, my short-form blog and my Flickr photo stream.

Thank you. It has been a good reign, but it has to end sometime. For now, stay strong, grow stronger, remain excited, do your things and do them well.