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After the shave

Three days after1 having shaved off fifteen centimetres of my hair, these are the things that stand out:

  • I have far too much shampoo for the next few months at least;
  • My head gets cold or warm easily, also, I feel my pillow;
  • My shadow has significantly less volume;
  • I like how my skull looks;
  • Seriously, all this shampoo? No use for it.

I walked into the Chinese barber shop late Thursday night and told the interpreter to take it down to one centimetre. After a centimetre or three, he asked me if I really meant down to one centimetre, not down with. Yeah, I said, I want to get rid of it all. He laughed nervously and fifteen minutes later I left the store with a very nifty #4 buzz cut.

  1. The most common response is to look first, turn away in doubt, then turn back and shout something insightful like “hey, you cut your hair!”