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A collection of things that are on my mind.

Intangible yet “true”?

What is it with the sub- or unconscious that makes people so divided? Not that Freud and Jung were trying to polarise with their publications, but it’s a pretty basic premise: either it is of importance, or it isn’t. A halfway solution is unknown to me, not because I am dense but because it is a fundament for those who say it is. I am sure there has to be some way to put things to words in a way that is relatively neutral, implied or not.

On Tolerance

Just say no.

The trained mind

When I was walking through the rain a few weeks ago, I spotted an amazing sight. When I turned my path into the setting sun, the streets reflected the sky so brightly. The tragedy in this was, as I was walking there, I couldn’t help but shake off the ideas I had to “use” it: to make it a video, photograph it, draw it, think up a soundtrack for it.

Adjust, always. Then, relax

I have a typewriter. It makes you deal differently with language. I am considering writing poetry and a short story with it, for that very reason. I recommend that you try out stuff in a slightly different way to see how it can change stuff. Even writing with a thicker or thinner pen will do that.