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Up and Out

On moving. I have two questions and I hope the Web feels like helping me. I know I haven’t been kind to you of late, ol’ weblog, but I assure you I was busy.

First of all, I’m moving out (remember, going to the Royal Academy) and it’s not being a success. I can’t find proper student housing. If you know of spare rooms in student-focused buildings, preferably in The Hague (Delft and Leiden are good secondary options), do let me know. I’m a clean and neat boy!

Second, I might want to have a more stable income. If you are a design studio, or if you need a designer onboard, or maybe even a front-end coder, get in touch. I also still accept freelance offers for things like icons, websites and identity, if you’re up for that. A student might be poor, but that doesn’t mean his work is.

A bonus mention is that I’m working on the fifth iteration of my past-due portfolio redo. I’m picky about it, but I think I’ve found It. More on that as it develops.

Update (July 27): I signed a contract for a room a few days ago, and I’m moving in pretty soon. Thanks for the attention, though, it was good to have back-ups.

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