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Picking the poisons

Promises are Satan’s candy. They’re very appealing and will make you feel fed really well for a while, but the sugar-coated nuggets of more sugary content quickly backfire. Satan is delighted to share this sensation with you. He feels like sharing it.

I recall having “promised” updates on several topics, most notably my portfolio and my eponymous portal. Twas like candy, I tell you. And the saccharine hopes in it were empty. I feel like that about Promises 2.0 – in the late nineties, that was e-marketed by e-marketeers as e-promises, but we’ve grown up – or, if you prefer, Promises 2.0 beta.

If I were in a considerably more postmodernist mood, I could state that I am still performing. I may not write blog entries as often as I would like to or could, but this gives you the reader the chance to think. I trust that you are an intelligent and valiant lot, wandering out into the open fields we like to see as where we develop ourselves – moats suffice for me. The space I leave you, in other words, is the space where you can think deeply about things, create beautiful art or relax.

That’s not completely realistic, however. It could mean that, as long as I don’t say something, someone else will. Politics show that that is hardly always true. Art shows that that is hardly always true. Tangentially, I think we do live in a time where antagonism – however positive or negative – is the starting point for much of all creations.


(Hello Radiohead-ites.)

It’s not at all surprising, but as with many things, you should never lose the ability to see the bigger picture. Antagonism is good! Go and hate Microsoft, you freaking Apple devout! But don’t forget the people who have valid reasons to use their software or, science forbid, their OS. I’m an avid Apple user, but I will not blindly pick a side when it comes to, say, the internally developed programming languages (I know people who are very enthusiastic about .NET and C♯).

Being passionate is one thing. Being passionate and eclectic and prudently biased and open is many things. I fell in love with Django a while ago, and I could promise that my personal site will be written in that framework (Python is doggone sexy), but I’ll refrain from making any promises. No fabricated pressure, much beta.

Oh, one thing that does seem to be happening, starting September: I’ll be living in The Hague, studying at the Royal Academy of Art. A decidedly happier note than I started with.