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Teasing Bill Gates

No, this is not about the rather humorous interview in Newsweek. Mister Gates can, all things considered, just keep his head up his arse. He’ll be gone in roughly a year anyway. To make place for Ballmer, who has his own very special peculiarities, but that’s not what this is about. I had this funny thought.

When Steve Jobs accused Microsoft of stealing the Mac interface, Bill Gates responded that Apple had stolen their interface from Xerox, so they had no right to accuse anyone of doing the same. There is a great article about this on Folklore.org. My point is that Gates at one point claimed that “they sneaked into neighbour Xerox’s home, only to find that someone had already stolen the television set”. My theory, however, is that Microsoft did not aim for that television at all. They looked in the kitchen and took the next best thing that looked like it.

They took the microwave, because it looked like something that could be useful for watching television. (Interface critique analogies are hard, but fun. Misinterpretations and/or support in the comments, please.)

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