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Made a Promise for a New Life

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, because I always say you gotta do something when you want to and can. Don’t use a brand new January as an excuse.

I won’t look back at 2006 much either. I went to Oslo, had a great time with Arne and Audun (stay tuned for news on him). I bought a MacBook, which has been my loyal servant ever since. I shot many photos. I didn’t do enough about my eponymous portal. I’ve worn wicked suits, written many pages, played many tunes, danced to many songs.

Why would I want to conclude a year, or the very things that happened in it? My life won’t change because the calendar started all over again. I’m not going to conclude the past year. I’m going to conclude 2006, and everything I did in this year will stay with me regardless. How much of a life philosophy this is? I have no clue. Send me your address and we’ll correspond about it. Snail mail is the new reflections are the new drop shadows are the new black is the new orange.

Have a good one!

One comment

  1. Happy new year Rob. :)

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