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Home with the girls in the morning

This weblog is as eventful as a tanning bed salon during a heatwave, but that won’t stop me from updating it every once in a while! I’ll start off with pointing at super hero artist illustrator Ray Frenden. He started the webcomic with probably the best name on the block: Voorhees a Jolly Good Fellow. I like it a lot!

I tweaked this site a little, too. I added a voting box to the bottom of the page. If you happen to like this photo of my cousin and his lovely daughter enough for it to be published, please vote for it. There will be a voting link at the bottom of this site every time I consider that necessary. I also updated my hCard to actually look somewhat good. Visit my about-page for that.

Lastly, some work I did should be launching this week. I’ve been playing with the cool kids of iusethis and there’s a pretty cool application coming up (and here it is!) that will complement the site perfectly. I designed the icon and am finishing the DMG design. For those of you who actually read my blog, here’s a preview of the icon.

A toolbox for iusethis

A snow story

All is quiet or so I perceive it. I stand outside in the snow and laugh. I don’t know why I’m laughing. It’s really pretty cold and my coat provides only sufficient warmth to my torso. My hands… Oh, my hands! I wish I could still feel them. My ears are remarkably warm. I suppose that’s because my hair, added to it the still falling snow, makes for a neat piece of isolation.

The streetlights cast a very comforting yellow on the snow. As cars pass, the snow around them turns a bright white, then red, then yellow again. I’m standing on a crossing of four streets, and as far as they go I see people inside their living rooms, watching mind-numbing television, missing out on this greatness, oh what I’d do to avoid such a life.

I am still laughing. The strange kind of excitement that has taken over makes sure my face and legs are still warm. I can feel my feet, and they are getting far too cold. I walk off a few metres, and realise that I don’t want to freeze entirely. Stupidly, I stop walking completely and just stand. Another car passes. Even though the passengers are quite likely not freezing as much as I am, I feel that I have conquered them, for I have stepped outside in this lovely atmosphere and they did not have the courage to do so. Or is it my devotion to experiencing that what I really like? I think so. I really like to experience things like this. It inspires me and makes me realise of the things that are so much greater than I am yet try much less hard.

As I walk back home, I notice a few stars through the otherwise clouded night sky. The snow is still yellow. My hands are still cold.

  • I took this photo around the same time of the month.

Enjambement Charts

As a music collector, I try to find special things, things that divide, say, Milli Vanilli from Pink Floyd. Sometimes it’s something completely different. Take, for example, the concept of enjambement. A sentence is spread over several lines, would be the simple description. It can work like that in music. The artist often spans his sentence across many a measure. I here present to you my Top Three of Enjambement-Embracing Artists!

The Top Three Everyone’s Been Talking About

  1. On number three, we find the electro-pop indie idols of The Postal Service! It is no surprise that they ended up right here, as Jimmy Tamborello’s music has the tendency to bounce on itself, let alone when Ben Gibbard fills it in with his epitome-of-indie voice. A choice citation:

    I / am thinking it’s a sign / that the freckles
    in our eyes are mirror images … and … when
    we kiss they’re … perfectly aligned

    This kept The Flaming Lips out of the list, people, so mind that next time you listen to some Flaming Lips as well.

  2. Yes, next up, a runner-up I am ever so fond of, it’s the Canadian punk ensemble The Weakerthans! Nobody will be surprised to hear that John Samson is more of a poet, after having heard their (probably best) Left & Leaving. Samson and his crew forged a stunning piece right there, but what caught me ear was John’s voice, spreading his words over measures nearly beyond sensibility. At first, I was afraid he’d fly straight over the end of the stanza and keep singing! A citation, again:

    measure me in metered lines / in one decisive stare / the time it takes to get from here to there

    To note is that Samson writes rather well. I would suggest you check out their oeuvre.

  3. Number one may be the least well-known to people, but I’ll be damned if they didn’t deserve to be the number one; it’s the Radar Bros.! Who saw that one coming?

    With their poignant and often weirdly drowsy overall image, they left an impression on me anyhow, but some of their enjambement addiction really gets blatant. Pick up The Singing Hatchet to hear it in full action. The album bears a likeness to Pink Floyd’s More and Meddle, if you’re into that.

    tar the roofs / of the houses / that are leaking / the religions / of who lived there / and are leaving / their infidelities / at the door / when they come in

    That’s insane, huh? A well-deserved number one, once again. Check it out.

So that’s that. I hope you’ll check these artists out, and if you happen to know other great artists with great use of enjambement, do tell the world in the comments right here. I always love new stuff.

(This list is based entirely, solely, blatantly upon my own opinions, and can be taken with a grain of salt if that’s your kind of thing.)