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Grabbing on

Personal posts are not for everyone, but there may be words in here that you could cherish, or you may just like reading my mind as it is being set to words right here. This post is personal1, but relates to all of us, I’m sure of it. Do with it whatever you want.

The rise (no fall) and how to relax (no stress)

I suppose it is not news to most of you that discipline is power. I suppose, however, that finding one’s right interpretation of discipline is rather hard. A few months ago, I made up my mind. I said to myself, “Rob, there’s two things you must do. The one, it is that you chillax the fuck down, the two, don’t slack, you bastard.” I seem to harass myself pretty easily, but it worked out for the best. Taking things lighter will make things lighter to bear. I wish I’d known earlier.

Basically, not slacking is pretty easy. The key is knowing exactly what you want to do. Then it almost comes naturally.

Concepts and living with crap

School is a great place to practice one’s tolerance regarding differing opinions. It doesn’t matter whether they are nonsensical. You will have to deal with them either way. That’s good. What this achieves, more than just sparking your ire, is making you realise what to ignore. I am convinced that ignoring things keeps you sane, to a certain degree2.

Of course it’s not always easy. It’s also not exclusive to mere opinions. People are complex and inane and that is the truth you will be accepting, are you to choose the path of the clear mind. Practice, it’s the tool of kings and gods alike!

What, pray tell, is the one true medicine to this pesky problem, you could ask me. I would kindly tell you to relax. Chill. Chillax. Take it lighter because it’s not all worth your time, and your time is valuable, now isn’t it.

  1. Well, I slightly strayed from that objective, but it should do no person any harm. I’m friendly like that.
  2. I’ll leave it up to you whether I mean to what degree you should ignore things or how sane it will “keep” you. Spark-spark! I’m sparkin’ your mind!

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