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July and I’m off

An unlikely trend whore, I do however like me some nice stuff. So I’ve been enjoying a MacBook for a while now, tied to a 20-inch flatpanel. Sitting in the garden, coding and designing, must be one of the biggest changes in my computing life since getting my first Mac. It’s nice to be getting something more than a monitor tan.

I am appealing to all Oslo citizens to meet up with me on one of the three middle days of the next week. These are July 11 through 13. So if you live in or near Oslo and would like to grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or a glass of beer or wine or anything) with me, mail me or try IM. I am known for being pretty kind to people, so this offer sounds like a good plan to me! What are you waiting for!

I had several things up my sleeve on the web side of life, but I put them on my desk while I’m spending some time out of here. I shall revisit them some day soon. Until then, do enjoy my Flickr photo stream and have a good time.


  1. I’m working on getting me one of them ‘Maks’. How you likin’ that there laptop one?

  2. Haha! I hope that little fundraiser works out for you!

    And you could have guessed, I’m really liking the MacBook. It’s fast, sexy and portable. All I need!

  3. Have good mosh pitting!

  4. I suppose you could visit Opera. If not, we can always hang out for a few hours.

  5. Sitting in the garden, coding and designing,

    How do you manage that? My MacBook’s screen becomes almost invisible as soon as I go out in the sunshine :(

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