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Some beliefs

The nature of my situation dictates that I am always at a point where I must make an important decision. No week goes by without having encountered such a situation. I assume this has more than a lot to do with becoming older, thinking harder and more and pondering bigger things. Maybe that is why: my decisions carry more weight as I follow the line of ageing1 and growing. Everything I do is of a constantly growing significance. This is why I am embracing new approaches, picking up things I left behind for whatever reason and, most importantly, I am changing some of my ways of thinking about myself and what I do.

I think I am pretty good at what I do, but I’m not good enough. I think I can improve, a lot. I think that I should make sure others know that I am and can. I think very good of myself, but am not satisfied: that is the gist of it, and I’m pretty sure the process towards an increasingly better me will be visible. I am starting here, right now, with conventions in writing. I’ve attached my first footnote ever, taking the syntax from John Gruber—it is, after all, pretty good. I am changing my attitude as well: this should be evident as it comes along.

I hope to be able to pull the Zooiblog along with my improvements and certainly hope you as a reader will find this as enjoyable as I do.

  1. This being, of course, a painfully relative thing: I turned 18 only a good two months ago.


  1. An example of the discipline I’m trying to force upon myself (it’s what the structured writing is about): I’ve finally fixed the comment bubbles, so they’re functional now. This should save the average user a mere second or two!

  2. Yes I agree with you, that you can improve a lot, if you try it.
    I like the positive spirit of this post

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