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Some beliefs

The nature of my situation dictates that I am always at a point where I must make an important decision. No week goes by without having encountered such a situation. I assume this has more than a lot to do with becoming older, thinking harder and more and pondering bigger things. Maybe that is why: my decisions carry more weight as I follow the line of ageing1 and growing. Everything I do is of a constantly growing significance. This is why I am embracing new approaches, picking up things I left behind for whatever reason and, most importantly, I am changing some of my ways of thinking about myself and what I do.

I think I am pretty good at what I do, but I’m not good enough. I think I can improve, a lot. I think that I should make sure others know that I am and can. I think very good of myself, but am not satisfied: that is the gist of it, and I’m pretty sure the process towards an increasingly better me will be visible. I am starting here, right now, with conventions in writing. I’ve attached my first footnote ever, taking the syntax from John Gruber—it is, after all, pretty good. I am changing my attitude as well: this should be evident as it comes along.

I hope to be able to pull the Zooiblog along with my improvements and certainly hope you as a reader will find this as enjoyable as I do.

  1. This being, of course, a painfully relative thing: I turned 18 only a good two months ago.

The Fevered Pitch

When you have an idea that you want to succeed, and you like the idea, you’re halfway. If you need other people for that to happen, you’re gonna have to convince every single one of them. Only then when they believe it is as good as you think it is, you can make it happen. Odds are, you’re enthusiastic about your idea. The enthusiasm that comes with setting up something, or doing something exceptional, or starting your very own start-up, that’s what I’m talking about. Expressing that “fever” is what can pull the others to your side.

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Weblog design sense in three steps

I’m gonna walk through some blog design tips to show that we can turn it into a product that makes sense, without me doing any design work at all. I’m lazy like that. We’ll start off by getting some data together.

It’s an easy trick to consider your weblog a product. If you think “man, I do this for myself,” then ask yourself what you would like to use of the weblog. If you do it with at least an audience in mind, think of what they want to see. Rather, what do you want to show, why do you want to show that, and what should they see first? Write down what you want to show. Having a physical list helps, because writing things down takes a little more of your focus and it could help you consider things better.

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