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‘You’re popular?’

No, no rant today. Just a funny sign of the times. Last week at school, I was talking to someone about this design thing I do, and I laughed a little when I saw that her working partner (they were working on a computer, but she let the other girl do all the “working”) was browsing Hyves.nl. The second girl overheard the conversation and picked up that I had a “popular website” (it’s what the first girl assumed), so naturally she asked me where to find it.

You can imagine the horror, despair and fright when she typed my name into the Hyves search box and, as expected, failed to find me. I did tell her to “Google my name”, but oh well. The web is as small as you make it.


  1. I should mention that it’s easier to tell people to search my full name than to give them the address. Yes, that was a ridiculously bad domain name decision.

  2. When you weren’t in my feed reader yet, I used to google “Zooiblog” to go here ;-)

  3. WHAT!!!111/1 you can’t be found on hyves?

    That’s like, not being on da intarwebs at all.

  4. Hayo test even of ‘stripslahes’ werkt & of er eigenlijk wel iets door dat ‘zuigende’ filter heen komt.

  5. Testie poops.

    Let’s have something to test. Woo’s.

  6. Testing if WordPress will spot this as a s-p-a-m.

    Does it?

  7. who are you and why is my name on your site

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