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‘You’re popular?’

No, no rant today. Just a funny sign of the times. Last week at school, I was talking to someone about this design thing I do, and I laughed a little when I saw that her working partner (they were working on a computer, but she let the other girl do all the “working”) was browsing Hyves.nl. The second girl overheard the conversation and picked up that I had a “popular website” (it’s what the first girl assumed), so naturally she asked me where to find it.

You can imagine the horror, despair and fright when she typed my name into the Hyves search box and, as expected, failed to find me. I did tell her to “Google my name”, but oh well. The web is as small as you make it.


It would seem that even my Flickr stream is more “where the party’s at” than my very weblog. That hurts no one, as there are some nice photos there (my hair is featured prominently). I have, however, planned to participate in Adam’s CSS Reboot under a fitting alias. I guess that should force me into at least some activity. If you’re also in, holler!

My stats application tells me I get bazillions of referrals from a previous client, which is cool. I hope they all see that I actually also do things next to nothing, as a look at my weblog would lead one to conclude. On that note, I have been doing things. A community-ish website is coming up (running a slightly public test phase as we speak) and I’m doing a very nice, fun design for a to-be weblog. I’ll post about those things when they launch. Work includes logo design, identity work, hacking apart and together web applications and general web design. Good fun!

I’ve been more eclectic than usual these past few weeks/months, having regained my interest in Shakespeare, Nietzsche, Foucault, Paaltjens, pencils, gouache and moleskines, to name several items I can waste my time on blissfully. Related product placement: I so badly want Painter that it hurts. Ray will understand.

Oh! Oh! I will be trading in my age badge next week! It will be my 18th birthday on the 15th of March! I will be attempting some CAR DRIVING. I can legally drink whisk(e)y. I can vote for ridiculous political parties just because I can.
Boy oh boy, what an eventful coming of age! Oh, and just a snarky by the way, gifts are welcome, congratulations come in a close second.

Now to grab a painkiller. Headaches and gastroenteritis aren’t beneficial to one’s state.