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And then the dumb take the cake you’ve so carefully baked and kept safe. All your love went into it, and your innovation and that smart recipe your mother taught you and now it’s gone, to be eaten by someone you don’t know. Awww. I so liked my cake.

If you’re too lazy to read Jeffrey’s post, see the news: an indeed rather obscure web shop has the patents to most rich media on the internet. No matter how little they have to do with any of the media the patent refers to, they do. Is that a flaw in the laws or really a sensible application? I hope People With The Knowledge can tell me more about it.

(Pardon the cake analogy that didn’t work out too well. I just really like cake.)

American… oh

Over here in the Netherlands, the football (American English: soccer) scene is a scene of big money. Every self-respecting commercial broadcaster wants a slice of the big footy pie. With massive advertisement revenues (for Dutch standards, at least) and many many viewers each game, they have all reason to. There actually is a channel dedicated to just the Dutch competition (again, quite special for Dutch standards), Tele2 (yes, the phone company). The well-known France-based Canal Plus had a Dutch version, was then acquired and now has two channels. Film 1 and Sport 1. Well, technically, it’s three. Film 1 1, Film 1 2 and Sport 1. Smart.

That’s not what really annoyed me about the football-licensing craze. What did was the name they (yet another channel I forgot the name of) had exerted for an hour and a half of the best of the United Kingdom’s footy: UK Soccer. Let’s just remind people of the fact that football is English. The Brits play football. Americans play soccer.

Or, oh wait, I’m so wrong. I’m pretty sure the programme with the latest footy stuff from the US would be called… oh, yes. American Football.


I’ve been told Dean likes Brad Pitt. That’s okay though. He’s a good guy overall. I also said hi to someone I knew I’d seen before or at least had heard about in some way. Hiram, we should discuss this poetry thing one day.

Oh, and just for the record, I also enjoyed the presence and talk of Maarten, Marten, Sander, Jan Willem, Kees, Alexandra, Anne and Mark. Of course I did. We should do this more often.