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No more promises

I keep saying I’ll write something soon but I just can’t find the time, so here’s the official word on it. I won’t be posting here more frequently than I have for the past while, at least for the time being, but I’m sure I have a lot to talk about when I can find the time. Time, the hellish cliché. The time that stops me from writing about the things I like, even worse, the time that stops me from doing these very things. That’s ugly. The time that has been preventing me from redesigning for at least several months now. The time I’m now spending on designing for others, writing about design for others and getting money from others. I guess I can go on like this for at least a dozen lines, but my point should be clear.

I also, for some reason, keep buying music. No iPod cleanup needed yet, but my bank card gets its mileage. I guess I’ll review some of it soon.

Oh, don’t forget: tonight’s DST swapping again! I guess I’m lucky to get some extra time this once.


  1. Dude, thanks for the note on the time swap. Almost forgot!

  2. Welcome to the club buddy ;)

  3. I know the feeling. I for one impose myself to never write anything for the sake of writing; if you only write when you feel like writing, the written stuff should be good.

    What I’m saying is: don’t feel bad about it. It’s better to not write instead of publishing shit. (Look who’s talking.) I’m sure The Time of Good Writing will come.

  4. time machine baby, not cheap but well worth the cost.

  5. I pay respect to you and your decision!

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