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He smiles for a reason

And we’re up! If your DNS is obeying my commands, you’ll see this site, running off a TextDrive server. This means a lot more freedom for me, and besides, they’re just a very cool company to be with. And soon, very soon we’ll also have a very nice stats package, and Robert tells you why and what we’re doing. Keep your eyes open, we’re working at lightning speed to get something out soon.

Oh, and this from the leisure department: Funeral by The Arcade Fire is a pretty good album, and I also recommend you to buy Sufjan Stevens’s Illinois, one of the better concept albums this year that I’m aware of, and certainly a good follow-up to Michigan, which is worth buying as well. It’s all about the good music, people. Good music… Hmmm…


  1. I’ve recently picked up Funeral myself - pretty much on sole the strength of ‘Rebellion (Lies)’. Very impressed so far. The new Elbow record outstanding, too.

    I’m glad moving the site went smoothly.

  2. Nice, TextDrive. I wish I had the money to become VC3. Like, omg you gots teh PHP 5, Ruby, SVN shizzle!!!11

  3. Sufjan’s previous album ‘seven swans’ was also very good. I agree with Funeral as well, it’s a brilliant album that gets better the more you listen to it.

  4. Matt: How many all albums?

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