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He smiles for a reason

And we’re up! If your DNS is obeying my commands, you’ll see this site, running off a TextDrive server. This means a lot more freedom for me, and besides, they’re just a very cool company to be with. And soon, very soon we’ll also have a very nice stats package, and Robert tells you why and what we’re doing. Keep your eyes open, we’re working at lightning speed to get something out soon.

Oh, and this from the leisure department: Funeral by The Arcade Fire is a pretty good album, and I also recommend you to buy Sufjan Stevens’s Illinois, one of the better concept albums this year that I’m aware of, and certainly a good follow-up to Michigan, which is worth buying as well. It’s all about the good music, people. Good music… Hmmm…

Random acts of disappearance

I’m still here folks, still here.

So I spent some time doing a lot of work. It seems like I’ll be updating my portfolio pretty soon (read: when I get the time). I did some logo work and am working on a site design or two three gah, whatever! I’m not bored yet, but do keep it coming. I’m more than happy to take up some work.

It seems Mark got these two cool dudes into VC3, and it also seems I will be switching this site there, like, real soon. If stuff disappears, blame the DNS. If my site isn’t exactly the same after the DNS has propagated properly, blame the way Mark set up accounts. If Mark blames me, well, dang. (This all might make commenting a bit dodgy, for I will be keeping two servers? I’ll see how long it takes, but stuff might get silly.)

Fans of my poor photography can celebrate soon by dancing in skirts and wearing flip-flops to work all week, for I will be buying a Nikon D50. I felt like warning you all. Tips are welcome in the comments.

Oh, and because you asked. I have no excuse for the lack of serious content, but it seems I will be making up for that soon. Don’t get too over-joyous yet, but I’m not dead.

Ya hear? I’m not dead, y’all! I’m not!

Now go and donate all the spare pennies you can dig up, and more too.