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Firstly I apologise to all of you who expected the jury’s words on the winner of the contest. They’re still crunchin’, but it shouldn’t be too long now!

Now, why “poo”? Internet Explorer, that’s poo. I was quite late to this post, but I feel like saying something about it. I’m going to try and think of what the bumming hell was going on…

It’s 3PM, and work’s been quite boring. But that’s just an illusion. Secretly he’s been working on something groundbreaking. Rounded corners! Oh my frikken’ god! I am so going to post about this on our collaborative blog and show the world our amazing web development skills! With childish glee and for the onlooker the parental melancholy when seeing a boy’s smile, doomed to fade and fail, the chap publishes his post. Only to be torn apart by people who have been online for the past five years. Who have read weblogs. Ouch!

Markus, your attempt is cute, but don’t think you’ve made this an enjoyable read. Or that you made the world a better place by publishing this post. Okay, I admit, I don’t know who wrote the MSDN article or how old it is and all, but purrr-lease… Oh, and Markus? Avalon is throwing people back to 1998. But now with slightly more modern graphics. Thanks a bundle.

Lastly, sorry about having neglected this site for a bit, but I had a rather difficult week. I hope more good stuff will be coming up, though.


  1. Obviously the guy is a programmer - not a content designer, graphic designer - definitely not a web designer.

    He displays that old attitude that code has no effect on the end user. As such any hacks used are valid (no matter how impractical or incorrect), so long as the end result is the his interface.

    I’m more concerned about his comment: “we have no plans to do native rounded corner support in IE7 (CSS3 feature)...”.

  2. The MSDN article is dated “March 15, 2005”. I saw this and laughed remembering ALL the techniques for rounded corners that I’ve seen. I love the title of the article “Staying Ahead of the Curve”... oh come on. I love the table examples, and the uppercased HTML... mmm lovely.

  3. Just characteristic for all the work we still face. And by all means representative for the skill level in our industry.

  4. @Jens: Indeed characteristic, and not at all shocking!

    What’s equally amazing er, funny, is the number of high-level corporate sites that are still pumping out table soup. I guess this article offers a glimpse as to why.

  5. Geektechnu:

    I resent that you say “this guy is obviously a programmer”..
    I am programmer, and I care about standards, xhtml, css and it appals me that you think people who make these solutions are automatically “programmers”. Trust me, I know a lot of designers who use dreamweaver and use nothing but nested tables - that doesn’t mean ALL designers are bad coders...

  6. Wow. I laughed my butt off when I saw the MSDN page... It only makes sense that since the MS sites themselves are typically table and gif stew that they see nothing wrong with continuing down the dark path to Obsoleteville. Yeah- nice touch with the “by using CSS and HTML” and “make your Web site stand out with a dynamic new look.” Bwahh ha ha ha! How about XHTML and CSS? And exactly what is ‘dynamic’ about those corner gifs?
    Whatever... looks like hacks will still be a major part of life for IE7.

  7. kimblim: my appologies, I was implying an “old-fashioned programmer’s mentality” (from a time when code was insivible to the end-user and interface was king). I see now that my choice of words looks like a broad generalisation. I would like to explain my comment:

    1) If Markus Mielke thinks rounded corners will impress the public, he is no graphic designer.
    2) If he thinks extraneous presentational markup is still acceptable, he is no content designer.

    As a web developer, the entire package is important: good markup, good visual design - and of course, good programming. To evryone here: if this description sounds like you, give yourself a big hug and know that you have my respect.

  8. I was late to it too. Infact, didn’t know about it until you mentioned here. Maybe that’s because whenever I see MSDN in the URL or on the site I close the browser tab (Yeah, tab, you stupid IE).

  9. an article available on MSDN that shows you how you can easily and efficiently implement rounded corners with IE today. Enjoy!

    What enthusiasm! And then ending at an old school table hack.

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