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Off to something good

When you read this, I’m probably preparing to leave for the airport. I’m off to have four pretty awesome days, somewhere in England. If you feel like getting updates, get your hands on my phone number (hint: it’s in my Skype account) or anxiously await the filling of the feeds. Contest results will be in by about Wednesday next week. I won’t be able to answer most of the mail for about four days, so please be patient. London, here I come.

See y’all on Monday!

Last chance

Last chance to participate in the contest, people. You have about 18 hours left to finish or edit your entry. Remember, you can win the sexy Color Schemer application, worth about $50!

Announcements for you!

The contest! Woah! Many submissions, very cool people. I set a deadline so you know when to finish up your stuff: next Wednesday. That’s right. Wednesday the 29th of June. No more submissions after 12:00 GMT. If you’re curious about that, you may still edit your CSS, but it would be good to tell me if there’s changed a lot. Also, please state clearly if a design you made is a replacement or one on its own. As you may have seen from Trevor, you can submit more than one design. One is fine though!

Some work got online the last couple of days. First of all, say hi to A Socialite’s Life, Miu’s gossip weblog. (Anyone knows how to fix this in IE, by the way? Tried the Holly hack on the content area, but that didn’t work out.) Secondly, something for you Flickr fans: FlickrBits, a project by Hanni, Nico and some other good folk. Check that out. Both are new additions to my portfolio (but I have yet to update it).

Now people, keep the designs coming!