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A short note on small stuff

(Sorry to those who dislike puns, but rest assured, it was highly unintentional.)

The mini is awesome. No words for it. I want to thank those of you who commented on my post requesting recommendations (and you—slightly taking over my Dock with the awesome iconry) and thanks also go to Will, awesome person and employer of sorts. I have been keeping myself rather busy with work and school, and it keeps on going. Various personal projects went on holiday to more restful part of my brain, and they’re likely to stay away for another while. What I will do now, in lieu of doing cool shit, is post a bit about stuff I noticed. Yes, back to the blog basics!

Web 2.0, as “they” like to call it, is booming. The first Ajax Summit is just over and I have to say that I’m impressed. I followed it a bit on Ajaxian and it’s very inspiring.

New designs came like mad, mostly due to a certain reboot the other day. When I get the time (not likely to be soon), I will redesign, or at least restyle a bit. I have the logo now, and I think it works. Andy did a great job and made me realise that my work once again stinks. I really need the time for it, and like I said, it won’t occur soon. But don’t be surprised when it pops up.

I have been reading more than ever. It’s mighty interesting to read the Slashdot interview with Jeffrey Zeldman, almost five years old. The points he made are still true, though our scope has moved a lot. Still worth a (re)read. I’m also totally digging the stories people tend to blather nowadays on their sites, and they keep me going. I shall have to try and promise that my next big post will be one of substance, so what to expect? Exactly, the obvious ones: design, markup and style, semantics, usability, UI, IA and other web pro curmudgeonry ;)

Of design, Mac and Flickr

I’ve been quite busy, and still am. But this is not the post saying what not about it. I am happy being busy. Mostly because of the following…

Many of you might know Hanni. I most certainly do, and when she started on her own weblog system, she kind of discarded her design. Too bad. So I offered my skills. This is just a temporary design, but it should look better than nothing. Expect more news in the future.

Also, ‘nother Brit with whom I speak quite often, who had a question for me. Well, hah. Read more about it on Pete’s site, because he Rebooted and it rocks.

Mac update for those interested: Saturday was Queen’s Day, a national holiday in the Netherlands, so little happened over here. Today was, of course, a Sunday, another day for people to do nothing. My Mac seems due Tuesday or Wednesday. When it arrives, I will be able to use something I designed myself. Let me introduce to you:


Anatoly and I have been working on something quite fun. It’s called Flidget and it’s a Widget for Tiger’s new Dashboard, more specifically one to upload a photo to Flickr in a snap. Anatoly did the coding, I did the grapics, and I think it’s safe to say we’re both very proud of what we created.

Wanna see what it looks like? That’s cool, we got screenshots. Want to see it in action? That’s possible. Watch it on my OurMedia account (not there yet? Get it here. It will be taken down as soon as OurMedia puts it up). Wanna use it? Get it here. Anatoly should explain it soon. Anatoly has some words.

Also, on a more badass note, Flidget will feature on the CD that accompanies the July issue of MacWorld. That’s fucking rocking my world. Buy it if you get the chance.