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Donation drive, anyone?

Yes, it’s shameless. Yes, it’s rather pointless because no-one will do it. But hell, it’s worth a shot. I’m getting a Mac Mini (or rather, someone is buying me one—more on that soon), but the shipping is costly, and I have to pay it. Please be a good sport and donate me some bucks. I only need some several bucks more. If donations exceed the needed amount, I will use it for hosting, so you’ll do a good thing no matter what.

Thanks so far to those who already helped me a bit. I need another €50 to play safe, so if you have some bucks left, you know where to send them to.


  1. Ask and ye shall receive. :)

  2. Well let’s see how my big client likes my bid, then we’ll see.

  3. If I had money to donate, I’d probably spend it on my own mac :)

  4. Wow... does that actually work, asking for money on your blog?

  5. Wow, I’m African and even I don’t have that kind of cheek! And people actually fall for it? You’re only getting away with it because you’re Dutch. Well done!

  6. Marco, as long as there’s someone crazy enough to give it, yes, it does.

    Charl, it’s a gift.

  7. Uh....

  8. How rude, how offensive, how unfair. I mean, dude! Somebody’s buying you a friggin’ Mac Mini, yet you’re still asking your jealous little readers (*cough* moi cough) for some dough. &lt;?php echo <a href="#comment-2080" rel="nofollow">comment #2080</a>; ?&gt;. Grah!

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