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Sell me that

I call upon thee, Zooiblog reader, for information regarding Mac OS X software. My Mac mini should arrive any day soon, and I want you to get me to buy just that great app. Wanna know what I usually need? Feed reader, text editor and an IRC client. All the other stuff is out there for free.

That’s not all, of course. I’m currently thinking of Adium (any better alternative), TextMate and Pulp Fiction for feeds, but I don’t know what’s best. Suggest me all the apps you use and think are needed for me (I’m a web designer, hit it!), and suggest some nice stuff as well: I can’t do without pointless apps or games for Dashboard.

Also, for those who know: I want to be able to access my Win box. Jeff told me KVM switches won’t work, so it’s either virtual-remote PCing (if that’s even possible) or plugging the cables every now and then. Anyone?

The haps

Yeah, been a while since I posted any real content, but I have some stuff to promise you.

First of all: Pete is participating in the May 1st/CSS Reboot, and he wanted a logo done. Fair enough, so I did one. First thing to do when you fire up your browser of choice next Sunday, is go to Pete’s site.

Secondly, I’ve been working on client work the last couple of weeks. I will post something when it goes online, cause I’m quite fond of it.

Third thing I need to say: Hanni and some of her Flickr buddies have this project, and I’m doing a design for ‘em. I will link to that as well, of course.

Some other tidbits include: Hanni got me a Flickr Pro account. Thanks a lot! Also, the Brad Sucks album arrived yesterday (thanks Indranil), which is quite cool.

More news coming soon; right now, I’m too busy (which is still good though) to write any real content, but I’m planning some other stuff (yeah, maybe it could relate to liquid design ;)).

Donation drive, anyone?

Yes, it’s shameless. Yes, it’s rather pointless because no-one will do it. But hell, it’s worth a shot. I’m getting a Mac Mini (or rather, someone is buying me one—more on that soon), but the shipping is costly, and I have to pay it. Please be a good sport and donate me some bucks. I only need some several bucks more. If donations exceed the needed amount, I will use it for hosting, so you’ll do a good thing no matter what.

Thanks so far to those who already helped me a bit. I need another €50 to play safe, so if you have some bucks left, you know where to send them to.