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After MSN Messenger, I lost all fondness in smilies. MSN’s smilies are appalling if not worse. However, for those of you who prefer real smilies, I have here a list of smilies I or some of my friends devised. Most are quite straight-forward, some are, well, not.

My favouritest smilies, in UTF-8
Smiley Description
!) Fucking huge wink
:} Goofy grin while wrinkling lips
:—) Why the long face?
I hate :P
:·)~ Dog’s face
[:] A person in a small box
:-ı Rather undecided whether to laugh or not
,’\-) “Hey handsome.”
‘-’ Tiny, Japanese smiley
‘=’ “Hello? Spider-Man? I am gay! For you!”

Credit where credit is due. Also, be inventive. You happen to know a nice one? Comments are open!

Skype me, and Skype me now!

Alright, anyone? I will be around most of the day (yes, even for those of you at SxSW who feel inclined to call), working on some stuff. Also, any quotes we might deem noteworthy are welcome to be posted in the comments. (Skype account is, as expected, robmientjes.)

Almost tha B-day

On the 15th of March (next week), I will finish yet another year on this earth. (Yes, I like presents ;) (And hurry, you’ve only got one week!)) My question: anyone interested in a good Skype meeting on the Saturday before the day (that’ll be the 12th)? Let it be known, so we can plan something. Should be good fun.