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My 17th

My most noteworthy presents

My birthday was good. I woke up, and all of a sudden my mother congratulated me. I remembered again.

I took the early bus, took an English test (hah!) and had to wait till 12 for my Biology test to happen. Luckily, my mother was waiting with coffee somewhere in Nijmegen, so we drank coffee, with Geert as well.

I came back at school where Arjun gave me a bean.

At home, I received the presents, and my best are on the photo. Thanks go out to Jeff for posting something, to Pete for the awesome picture and the song, Indranil for the bucks and to those others of you who at least said something nice. And not to forget, Anatoly and Hanni for buying me something. Dunno what, but we’ll see. Thanks guys.

Now, let’s get this new year started.

Although ‘thanks’, there’s a reason why the post is in the past tense.


  1. Happy b-day dude :)

  2. Happy Brithday, Rob!

  3. Have a good one, Rob!

  4. Had a good one, rob!

  5. Onwards to the 18th!

  6. Many happy returns Rob.

  7. You got a green bean for your birthday? Top left item on the photo!

    Happy birthday dude!

  8. Happy birthday!

  9. Happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you.
    You smell like a monkey,
    and you look like one too!


    Happy birthday!

  10. I don’t know why that post repeated...

  11. Happy birthday Rob! Great to see you enjoy some Belgian literature :-p

  12. Veerle, it’s my duty. I have them all. Would be a shame to quit it all.

    And yes, John, that’s a green bean.

  13. I’m with Veerle on that one: Suske & Wiske, OMFG!!! About the gayest Belgian literature there is... Jommeke discounted, of course. Really, you should start collecting Urbanus strips instead, or at least Kiekeboes. :P

    Happy (belated...) birthday, wishing you the best of luck, joy and happiness in your 18th year.

  14. Hapy birthday! May you have many happy returns of the day.

  15. Happy birthday, boy!! Hope your tests went well. :)

  16. Well I suppose I can be part of the bash too.

    Maybe some non-semantic code... let’s see:

    Happy Birthday


    H4PPÂ¥ B1R7HÃ?4Â¥1!111!11

    Let’s see how those turn out.

  17. You stripped the HTML. Not just the xhtml! Blah.

  18. Happy birthday!

  19. Happy Birthday Rob. Have fun. 8)

  20. Aye, I won’t say “Happy birthday” again. Oops I just did.

    Anyway, glad to hear you had a good one :).

  21. Okay, SK just totally borked that post...

  22. Gefeliciteerd, Happy Birthday. Nice presents esspeccialy the Moby CD.

  23. Just another Happy Birthday and hey, you’re on the same age as me now!

  24. Happy birthday, man--enjoy the day. :)

  25. Super late for which I apologise Rob. I´m out in what many would consider the third fucking world.

    “Inteeerneet... ohhh”

    My best wishes to you (now where is that pesky “at” key?)

  26. Congratulations on the B-Day. Hope everything went well. Nice site by the way.

  27. Happy birthday!

  28. Happy Belated Birthday wishes. If I could speak your language I’d say, well, Happy Birthday.

    Enjoy your youth. It only lasts about 2 seconds it seems. :)

  29. Happy belated birthday.

    Is that a string bean?

  30. It’s a green string bean. Yes.

    He already clarified that.


    Woohoo! I’m in evil mood.

    And a commenting on ancient posts mood.

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