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Late but still

I know I’m late with this, but I have an explanation. I didn’t get Rob’s site the first time I saw it. It took me a comment and a reply to get there. You kick arse, Rob. Read his redesign post for all the info.


  1. It is very nice. I saw it this morning, then had to keep going back to it over the course of the day for another look. I like designs that make me do that.

  2. I can’t help myself, I love the typography. :)

  3. Great site. Really. Only things I’d change are:

    • no-www :P
    • no underscores in URIs
    • no crufty index.php at the end of every single URIs
    • post slugs instead of badly sanitized versions of the post title

    I mean, c’mon, every page on that site more than fills up my entire Firefox address bar!

    However, as I mentioned before: great site. Really.

  4. Speaking of “Late but still,” I am just now seeing this. :D

    Mathias, if you’re still out there, I hear your URI criticisms. Some don’t really concern me (underscores and length), and others I hope to eventually take care of. Unfortunately, fixing any of that stuff will involve tinkering around in MT Perl modules and installing patches and such, and I’m pretty useless with that stuff. Some day.

    And thank you Rob and everyone for your kind words.

  5. Yeah, Rob, I’m still here. :) Well, the URI stuff was the only thing I would ever change to your site, so hey. Maybe I should’ve added more emphasis to the words great site. Really...

    Oh, and if MT Perl things don’t work out, just switch to WordPress :)

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