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Late but still

I know I’m late with this, but I have an explanation. I didn’t get Rob’s site the first time I saw it. It took me a comment and a reply to get there. You kick arse, Rob. Read his redesign post for all the info.

Why people blog (instead of companies), and something about identity too

Jeff brushed this topic somewhere last week, and I started thinking. First of all, one of my favourite examples of blogging people.

We all (should) know the awesome/amazing/feckin’ cool company silverorange, the Canadian bastards who created the lubberly mozilla.org (yeah yeah Anne) redesign last year. They have a (markup-wise dirty) company site with products, portfolio and the likes. However, instead of running a corporate weblog (yes, even a ‘corporate’ where each employee posts for himself in the company context *cough*), virtually every single employee has his own weblog to rant about life, work and everything. And if it wasn’t for one of my personal heroes, Steven Garrity, I wouldn’t have liked silverorange either. Steven is a nice guy. One can tell. He subtly advertises and keeps the visitors connected. It works.

Now, it must be noted that, over at so, they’re all pretty much buddies, but even without knowing that simple fact, they all seem pretty cool and so does so thanks to that. When dealing with such a company, personalities count.

Conclusion: so rocks

I hardly try to hide my love towards them Canadians, but one can also hardly disagree. However, it’s a prime example of how good personalities work for a company. Now, that’s done. On to bigger things…

Identities for personal sites

I had to talk about this—Nazarin started it (get well man!)—as I’m currently working on a redesign (sorry, people who saw my previous attempt – it will get even better). I am working on a real identity this time, and when Naz says that personal sites don’t really need an identity, I feel obliged to retort. Of course, a personal touch is okay, but some sites don’t need branding. However, when you get some several hundred to thousand visitors a day, you want people to remember you. The more the merrier, no? Maybe a logo is a bit too much of a brand for a weblog (plus more soon, mind that)?

What is it with identities? Branding? Corporate blogging? Tell me. I’d like to know what you think of real branding for a personal site, as that is what you can expect.

My 17th

My most noteworthy presents

My birthday was good. I woke up, and all of a sudden my mother congratulated me. I remembered again.

I took the early bus, took an English test (hah!) and had to wait till 12 for my Biology test to happen. Luckily, my mother was waiting with coffee somewhere in Nijmegen, so we drank coffee, with Geert as well.

I came back at school where Arjun gave me a bean.

At home, I received the presents, and my best are on the photo. Thanks go out to Jeff for posting something, to Pete for the awesome picture and the song, Indranil for the bucks and to those others of you who at least said something nice. And not to forget, Anatoly and Hanni for buying me something. Dunno what, but we’ll see. Thanks guys.

Now, let’s get this new year started.

Although ‘thanks’, there’s a reason why the post is in the past tense.