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Kubrick Tabs

My compadre Colin made the world a cool thing: Kubrick Tabs. He wrote the JS and the first incarnation of the markup and style, and then I rewrote the markup and modified the CSS in a good way. Colin finished that up and here it is. Give it a shot. It’s not just for Kubrick people ;)

Personal content vs. design content

Jeff raises an interesting question: is personal blogging a hinder in design blogs (or any blog for that matter)? Etc. etc. etc. Jeff has a valid point—he’s a designer after all. But when I think about it, I think the personal part of Jeff’s site is what made me subscribe. I like to read about design, written by a designer. But personality goes a long way, as they say.

My blog has been devoid of any quality content for a while now. That is because I am busy. Busy with school, busy with school, busy with work and busy with some personal designing (redesign soon people, really soon). That is also a prelude to better-content times: I have plenty of design(ing) to talk about! First of all, the redesign will feature a big post with all the small details, and some follow-up posts on the specific parts. Somewhere in the following week I shall ask some opinions on stuff: reply for your own good!

Also, I disabled the Spaminator. It b0rks with my current gamma. In its stead I have chosen Spam Karma, and it works better. Give it a shot here, I should be able to de-blacklist you anyways ;)

P.S.: You can write this down, all of you: the redesign is coming sooner than the time I’ve been announcing it (yes, go Google-crazy :P).

Some other notes

Some other notes while I am about to go to another evening of analog work…

I’ve been working at the carnaval in Valburg since last Friday, with me going to bed at around… 4AM? Yes. Well, that but then every night. Tonight as well.

Which leads me to the digital employment I enjoy. I can’t say too much about it yet, but I’m working on a client, the company’s own website and two projects. Expect good stuff I say!

The lack of design- and/or standards-related content is a thing I don’t really like at all, but when I get to launching the projects (or should I say ‘we’?) there should be enough to talk about.

Skype is finally catching on. I’ve had my account for months now (July last year?), but all of a sudden everybody jumped on it. Maybe it’s the 1.1 release… Hmmm… Anyways, just to advocate: the sound quality is superb; the interface is sweet; I am also a user. Check my about for that. So here’s my interactivity thing for today: who of you are interested in a big Skype conference? I think we can figure out the topics of conversation :)

(Those of you who may have noticed, yes, I’m still under a Trackback spam attack. Has been ongoing for over a week now.)