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John was in search of some volunteers for a project a while back. And well, John and I, we have a link, so I contacted him about it. He already expected me to do so, so it wasn’t that embarassing. Anyway, it turned out to be the Web Standards Wiki. John got some more people to cooperate (one of which is our beloved Hayo) and now we’re the ten of us.

Fortunately, John is blessed with his great contacts, and one of them happens to be the awesome designer Denis Radenkovic, a man who constantly puts me to shame. John got Denis so far that he made us a logo. And it’s gorgeous.

One small note that might spark the minds of those who are amazingly bored: I plugged in my Wacom just minutes ago. Stay tuned. ({)


  1. That made me feel all warm and tingly inside, Rob. Now finish the comic :)

  2. Somehow the combination of { and comic scares me... anyway, what will the wiki be about? (What exactly, I know it’ll be about webstandards.)

  3. Mark, that’s still kinda disclosed. Keep an eye out for more news, especially at John’s site.

    And the comic, well... Mhahaha!

  4. @Mark: We are open to suggestions on the content front. And I am 120% sure there will be some info and a link out on sIFR if you have any ideas for that.

  5. John, cool! I don’t really have the time to help you guys out, but promoting sIFR is always welcome :)

  6. Reading through the comments on those posts you linked got me confused. If I get this right, it’s not yet determined what exactly the WSW will be?

    Sounds like an interesting projects nonetheless --- at first I even thought it was gonna be like a Web Design Canon Wiki =)

  7. Mathias, more of a ‘not telling too much yet’ situation.

  8. Bastards! :P

  9. Flawless logo!

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