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I’m impressed by the Spaminator

Wow. The Spaminator is quite cool. Way to go Kitten! One little thing that has also been raised by Michael IIRC, is there an undelete option in a new version? What if someone posts something with excessive links that are all valuable?


  1. I found that this plugin did a decent job, but you still had to go in and moderate a few hundred comments anyway. So the new WP 1.5 is just as good, with its keyword (or blacklist) usage.

  2. Yeah, I really wonder about all the attempts at curbing comment spam. It seems like pissing in the wind.

    The only moderation I have running is what’s built into WordPress 1.2, and my only beef with that is that I get sent an email for every comment posted. I think a nice option would be for moderated comments to be sent in batches as specified, or individually if one prefers.

  3. spaminator rocks... kitten rocks... I’ve had very good success with her plug.

    feel sorry for those mt blokes using mt blacklist...

    heh no I dont...

  4. I love(d) the Spaminator.

    It’s a superb plugin against spam, if not the best.

    However, since upgrading to one of the latest wp nightlies, it’s gone banzai, and started adding various tags to the comments themselves.

    It’s probably a minor incompatability that’ll be fixed once wp 1.5 is out, and Spaminator is out of RC.

  5. Joen, it still does that. But it does give me insight in what was/is wrong with a comment. But I don’t like it though.

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