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Some notes

I’m now using WordPress 1.5-beta-1, today’s nightly. Looks good. A big thanks to Ryan, Podz and David. Without you, this site would still be a ball of flames.

Meeting next week: read more.

Some recent redesigns I like: Hayo, Chuck and Jeff. Oh, and John: no live redesign for me.

Oh, and Jon made some cool shit for Digital Proof: Asshole-proof rating systems.

It’s the season again

Aernout, one of my school’s English teachers and a Cool Fellow, recommended this book to me, “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” by Mark Haddon, and I plan on reading this next week. Cause next week is—hurrah—test week. So not much time for updates on weblogs and such… Priorities currently are school and work (you’ll hear about that soon, thank you).

While I’m at it, anyone knows of other books I should read soon, next to of course Angels and Demons? Like I said, it’s the season again.

Seth’s cool redesign

There we have it, Seth’s redesign. I like it a lot. The headings are so cool.