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Crapcrapcrap! I so hate Rogier!

How much music do you have on your computer?

Somewhere around 14 full days. I guess.

What’s the last record you bought?

That must be… R.E.M.’s Around the Sun.

What was the last song you listened to before posting this?>

Malaguena Salerosa, Chingon.

Name four songs to which you listen a lot, or who mean a lot to you.

R.E.M.’s Imitation of Life, because it’s great. More R.E.M. with The Great Beyond because it’s one of the best songs I know. Röyskopp’s Remind Me is just amazing. Oh, and Man on the Moon by R.E.M. once more, because a) Andy Kaufman was a genious and b) the song kicks bum!

Who would you like to annoy by passing them the estafette stick?

Hehehe… Make that my compadres (or whatevers) Seth, Michael and Hanni. I’m so evil.


  1. I take it my translation wasn’t that bad after all? ;)

  2. How about ‘I am a lazy fuck’?

  3. Only 4 days? I just indexed my music the other day, and I have enough for 21 days non-stop music...

  4. Muhahaha, I am evil :P

    And man on the moon rocks! The first time I heard it, I played the song over and over again.

  5. Cool list. Not bad. But 14 days of music in your whole household, when you and your dad’s in to music? Measly.

  6. Sounds measly, indeed. But I might have missed a couple of suitcases full... You know what, I think it’s more in the neighbourhood of 25 days. Maybe even more. Yes, I think so. I’ll ballpark the number of records we have one day, should make for some nice figures.

  7. About 10,8 days here.. and I was just listening to The Ghost at Number One from the album Spilt Milk from Jellyfish.

  8. wtf is an estafette?

  9. Okay, nevermind. I remembered how to use a friggin’ dictionary... zheesh...

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