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John was in search of some volunteers for a project a while back. And well, John and I, we have a link, so I contacted him about it. He already expected me to do so, so it wasn’t that embarassing. Anyway, it turned out to be the Web Standards Wiki. John got some more people to cooperate (one of which is our beloved Hayo) and now we’re the ten of us.

Fortunately, John is blessed with his great contacts, and one of them happens to be the awesome designer Denis Radenkovic, a man who constantly puts me to shame. John got Denis so far that he made us a logo. And it’s gorgeous.

One small note that might spark the minds of those who are amazingly bored: I plugged in my Wacom just minutes ago. Stay tuned. ({)

Feeds for DP

Jonathan posted it already, Digital Proof now has feeds. Eat your hart out, Anne.

I’m impressed by the Spaminator

Wow. The Spaminator is quite cool. Way to go Kitten! One little thing that has also been raised by Michael IIRC, is there an undelete option in a new version? What if someone posts something with excessive links that are all valuable?