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Enjoyment more prominent

I’ve added Enjoyment to the navigation bar. Just so you know where to find it. (And yes, I’ll be adding a lot more soon.)

What’s up for 2005?

Contrary to all the other posts analysing 2004, I think it’s good to look forward. To the year 2005!

Everyone is already discussing new stuff designwise, so I shall just talk about what I am up to for the next year, and it looks promising :P What is there to expect? I have some articles up my sleave and I’ve been playing with me Wacom for some time. Shortly listed, I think it’s gonna be like this:

  • I’m gonna get myself a PowerBook. Have to! (Fundraising, anyone?)
  • I’m gonna launch my portfolio site.
  • I’m gonna draw some comics. Have a couple of ideas already.
  • I’m gonna launch some other stuff of significance, most importantly one in January.
  • I’m going to redesign this very site; become a bit bored by this layout.

There, that’s enough for now! Now tell me, what is up your sleeve?

Reminder to those who like to spend money on me

Christmas is near. Amazon knows what I want. If that doesn’t do it for you, try the donate thing. Remember, anything is welcome. I’m just a poor student.

Also, I don’t have many things to do (at least none for money). So if you need my work, contact me.

Sssshhhhhh… it’s a secret

Jonathan and I, we’re working on a new and secret project, which will mostly be about [CENSORED]. No, honestly, we will not tell you. You’ll have to wait for the first of January 2005.

Yes, we’re trying to tease you. Working? :P