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Is Hell endo- or exothermic?

Seth received a great mail the other day. This is way too cool to not read. Really.


  1. Oh! How lovely are the youngsters! :-)
    This surfaces every few years, as people (re)discover it. It IS nice, though.

  2. Whatever dude, it’s cool :P

  3. It is clearly a powerful meme, Gabriel!

    I knew I’d heard it before when I came my way the other day, too, but it was perfect at the moment. Made me laugh and brightened my day.

    And Rob’s link love has sent it spiraling across the inter-ether. Clubarne.com has been sending mad traffic my way!

    At any rate, I really like the idea of putting some of these better forwards on the web, as it provides a better way to archive, access and spread them without increasing the “unwanted” factor.

  4. Haha, that’s funny. The thing about everyone going to hell is a bit like in the film “Vertical Limit”. You’d have to see it to understand though.

  5. Are you saying you’d recommend this film, sir Turnip?

  6. Vertical Limit sucks. I’ve seen it once... Though I do not see the link hell---movie unless you mean the film is hell. :s

    Thanks for the link, Rob, this just made my day.

  7. Mathias -- watch it again and you’ll understand. There’s the holy guy praying on the mountain and the other guy starts ranting that everyone goes to hell because all the religions say that if you don’t believe in them you go to hell. That’s the link.

    Sir Seth -- I wouldn’t say that it sucks. It’s not a great film, but I don’t think it’s a bad one either. That’s just my opinion.

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