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Internet Explorer 5.0

I usually don’t get annoyed about browsers, but the IE family strikes a nerve.

Yesterday I tried to view my site at school with IE 5.0. That’s a thing I don’t like about my school’s computer policies. We have 166/233 MHz boxes on 800×600, instead of something better. Anyway, I fired up “Internet”, pressed ESC, F6 and then typed my address into the URL bar. What was shown to my very eyes? Crap!

What was wrong? All the backgrounds on heading disappeared. All padding on links disappeared. Auto-aligning a box to get it centered failed. What happened to the specs? What happened to implementation making sense?

Or, of course, my school could update their browsers, to something like Firefox. It’d make school a better place to learn.

P.S.: Fuck IE 5 ;)

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