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For the following week, I will be blogging a bit less. I’m in a test week, and I’ve got four deadlines in two weeks. Expect an article in a week or so, should be doable.


  1. Good luck mate, my test week about a week before the Christmas holidays....

  2. Symptom number one of blog addiction: Feeling responsible towards your readers and publicly apologizing for not posting.

  3. Arthur, just an announcement, no apology. Don’t want to have people think I’m dead or something.

    Mark, this is my second test week already!

  4. That’s my biggest worry. If I ever die I sincerely hope that someone in my family will take the initative to crack my password and tell everyone about it :D.

    I’ve got exams from the 2nd to the 10th of December :(.

  5. That sounds like I wanted someone in my family to tell everyone my password. Whoops. I meant that I’d want them to tell everyone that I was dead.

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