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Geert’s 15th

Yay, Geert’s turned fifteen (15) today. About time as well. Congratulate him, and be sure to check out what seems like the beginning of a new linguistical era.

Drinks are on the house.


For the following week, I will be blogging a bit less. I’m in a test week, and I’ve got four deadlines in two weeks. Expect an article in a week or so, should be doable.

Why use IE?

Following up my anger at IE five point aught, I’ve a question for you. Do you use IE? You don’t? Scroll on to the comments then. You do use IE? Read on…

What? What’s wrong?

Please! Give me one good reason.

No, a good reason. You don’t need spyware or dialers. No, you don’t need its render-engine either. I shall explain why you should switch — and remember, tell me why you prefer IE.

Stop using IE. Use … instead

There are many great alternatives. First of all, I want to make this clear: are you using IE/Mac? If yes, please, please, please use something better (or of course some alternatives). Now, on with normal people ;)

Internet Explorer can do great harm to your computer. It is so buggy that it lets sites plug malware into your system. That’s not what you want, do you? Also, IE is bad for the evolution of web standards, as IE doesn’t interpret them well. As IE has the biggest market share, people tend to design for IE. Ergo, code gets crappy and browser-specific. This site should explain well enough.

The alternatives, however, have a far more advanced render-engine. Sites are usually built now to tentatively work in IE, but to be fully featured in Firefox, or any other browser ;) (Note that this is just about standards-minded developers.) Browse Happy can explain this all a lot better.

Now, your opinion

Of course, you don’t have to switch. But believe me, it will improve your surfing experience. Unfortunately, Hanni made a short post on this, and consequently beating me to the second. But I still want to know. Why do you use IE (if you do, of course)?