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Meet me (and others)

(Shamelessly lifted from Mark’s site, but it’s allowed.)

November 6, 13:30, Utrecht Centraal Station. Be there.

Present will be:

We’re going to talk about politics, ethical statements, liff and of course web development.

Hope to see you (yes, with you I mean the whole half dozen of readers, even the non-Dutch) there the 6th. Contact Mark on that.

Why I want a Mac?

My XP installation is fucking up. Copying stuff sometimes crashes, Firefox just stopped working correctly, and worst of all, I had to reboot for the first time in weeks. This is no working. Anyone willing to donate a penny? Of course, I’ll take work too.

iPod Photo

Sons of bitches. Why didn’t they postpone the release of the G4 overall then? Now I’m fucked. Maybe I would’ve paid the extra buck for a colour screen…