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iPod vs. Sony Network Walkman

This is the first of hopefully a series of comparisons between interface design, graphic design, industrial design and typography. This time, I will compare the interfaces when playing of the Apple iPod and the Sony Network Walkman.

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Zeldman doesn’t get WordPress

Jeffrey Zeldman jokes in his sidelinks that he doesn’t allow comments because of the enormous heap of spam this page bears. Apparently he hasn’t heard of WordPress yet? ;)

Battle of the designers!

Jina and me, juxtaposed

Like a battle of the sexes, but then between two designers from both sexes. Jina and I are pondering over some sort of designologue, but since we are both uninspirational sods, we’d like some suggestions. So leave your ideas at Jina’s site or in my comments, and in a week or two, we will be choosing the theme.

Jina has the whole set of rules on her post, so read that and decide.

Important note: please post your suggestions etc. at her post.

Hrrmm, my post isn’t as lengthy as hers. But mine has a spiffy graphic! Pah!

And looking it over and over, Jina believes this will be a friendly challenge. Who am I to ignore the words of that woman? Exactly. It’s a friendly challenge.