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Note to self

Things that need to be done: the archives are dead—fix them!; I need some stats-page; Search won’t let itself mod_rewrite; I need some photos of myself; The write-up needs to be finished by the day after tomorrow.

Jina redesigns

Jina redesigns. Clean, pretty and very new. Not too bloglike, almost renewing. (And that’s all positive!)


As you might see, the site still sucks. But it’s getting better. Need to fix the permalinks and the comments, but hey, it’s something.

Please, don’t comment until the site is better. I’m working on it, and try to promise you that when WP 1.3 is out, this site will be spankin’ great.

[edit] And it works. Now, strut your comments on the layout. (But please, note that not everything is done yet.)

[edit] And the comments now work too.

[edit] And yes, a write-up is coming soon… (this editing is bad for your health)